Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh I can't wait to get out of here and get a full night of sleep. I'm sure that most of you have had your share of nights in a hospital. And if you haven't your lucky. Because once they wake Lynlee which is every single time it's over. She doesn't sleep that great here anyways. She doesn't seem to really relax. Not that I blame. She is always getting shots in the leg (blood thinners twice a day) or a thermometer up her butt (only when she is fevered! but still) or whatever else they are doing to her that day.

I'm not really sure what happened at 3:30am this morning. All I know was that I woke up to Ryan trying to find the syringe (he had slept with her last night). I was like what's going on. I guess Lynlee had pulled her gtube out and busted the balloon. I fumbled around trying to find the syringe for him. Then I was like well I'll go ask a nurse for one. Then I think I decided to stick it and and then find a nurse. I'm not really sure I was soooo sooo SOOO sleepy. Actually so sleepy in face that I picked up the gtube and tried to stick it in her belly button. Yes, you read that right. Ryan is still laughing at me today. He actually had to tell me at 3:30 that it was her belly button. I must have tried more than once? That tells you how sleep deprived I am. Then we (Ryan really, who am I kidding at this point?) that she had busted the balloon. So I had to get the nurse and they ordered another one. I think it took them 20 minutes to get it up. Finally we went back to sleep.

The doctor rounds went good today. Tentative discharge is Thursday. And they were hoping to take the last drain out before we left. But Lynlee actually took care of that herself. We left for the Ronald McDonald house around 4:30 and was allowed to stay out til 8pm. How exciting! Well around 6 Lynlee started crying like she was in pain. We figured out her drain was almost out and was hurting her. So we came back over. They finished taking the drain out and sent us back on our way. So we will definitely be discharged with no drains. :)

I guess I could make things more clear for people that haven't been here. The Ronald McDonald house is for families that live 40 miles or more away and I think for just patients under 18. It's connected to the children's hospital so we never have to go out in the cold. It has a bedroom, bath, small kitchen with microwave and refrigerator and a small living room. The rate is 15.00 a night. I'll never be able to tell you how thankful we are for it. I mean without it I'm not sure what we'd do or where we would stay when Lynlee gets released to get out of the hospital but not home since we live so far away. Because of the low rate Ryan can afford to be here more. They even have special groups come in certain days of the week to make dinners. They have food in the main kitchen at all times for the families that need it. It's really a life saver to us and to many others.

When we went over this evening we went to the Penthouse to check our mail. I found this sign in the play room. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't count the nights I cried myself to sleep in that room when Lynlee was in NICU. And now here we are 2 years later. What an appropriate sign.
                                               (Sorry for the sunlight and the shadow)

And here are some pictures of Lynlee playing. She's so happy and content there.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Thursday and saying our prayers.

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