Friday, January 20, 2012

Tomorrow would have made 14 days since I've walked out of the hospital. 14 days since I've had fresh air. So today I went to Target. I almost forgot what it was like to drive. I haven't drove in over a month. I can't even remember the last time I got behind the wheel of a car. And yes, this was my excuse as the nice people of Pittsburgh blew at me (maybe twice!) For the record I'm not used to the lanes and got lost once. I don't understand why this town loves to blow their horn so freaking much!

My goal was to go to Target grab a few things and get lunch from McDonalds. My goal failed. I did make it to Target (barely) and could see McDonalds, but with all the one ways and road blocks I still don't know how to get into it. Oh well. I doubt I needed those fries anyways!

While I went out Ryan and Lynlee went upstairs to the playroom and napped. I think they enjoyed their time together. We are really going to miss Ryan next week as he goes home. Sigh. I know we are beyond blessed that Ryan has been able to be here with us for 4 weeks now. It's nice to work for the family business, to have people understand. We are so fortunate. I don't know what I would have done without him. I don't know how those people from really far away do it or those single moms.

In just two days we have fallen into a routine. We get up give meds. After Lynlee's TPN finishes we are free until 8 when we get the TPN ready again. Ryan and I did it in under 20 minutes tonight. We are making progress and getting more comfortable with what we are doing.

Lynlee's morning meds. It might look like a lot, but I've seen more!

And not the best picture but look at the food on her face! I LOVE IT!!!!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I am overjoyed at how well things are going. (I didnt expect any different:) The food on her face still steams my eyes. I love it! If there is anything you need from home, please let me know. Jamey typically makes the trip once a week. Know that all of us think of you and Lynlee often and check in frequently. Take care