Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are getting there!!!

I'm not going to lie yesterday was hard. Maybe the hardest day I've had here. But that was yesterday and we've had a much better day today. We were up bright and early to get labs. We had to get a few repeats from yesterday because of the high and lows. Came back had breakfast got ready for the day and went for a long walk. It was really the first time I've walked for weeks. By the time we were back at the hospital my legs were burning a little (okay maybe a lot.) But we stopped by the grocery store and bought a few things, it was nice just to get out.

Walking back, enjoying the 60 degree weather, I realized something. I should just be thankful to be out walking. Not complaining to just be hanging out here. There are people here that aren't going home anytime soon! There are people here from different countries that would give anything to be told a couple weeks so I need to suck it up...

On Sunday I was freaking out about Lynlee eating. I knew she was on half her normal calories and she should be hungry. She even acted hungry but when she went to eat she would gag and not swallow anything. I debated about calling the hospital on Monday and setting up an OT appointment even though I'm against it. Not that I'm against them but every time Lynlee walks into an out patient room she screams! She is soo afraid of everyone these days I don't think OT could help her if they wanted to.. So I emailed Anna (our old feeding/speech therapist) and she told me that she thought Lynlee could swallow. That she needs to practice. To start with easy, soft foods as if she was 6 months old. That she has low tone and needs to have strength and coordination and she will get that by eating.. So I done what she said and started over.. We stopped giving her toddler food and went back to the "baby food." Our nutritionist in clinic on Monday said to mix applesauce with baby food to help with the taste. The past two days have been much better.And tonight was the best night yet.. I'll never be able to put into words what's is like to see Lynlee set at a table and eat.. It brings tears to my eyes. And for her to fed herself and use a sippy..Well I can barely stand it!

Todays dinner: Before & After...

Lynlee's labs looked better today. Her potassium was a little high but lower so we will repeat on Friday. And then the coordinator told me potatoes are high in potassium.. OOPS!! But at least she enjoyed it.. The results of her ultra sound are back. The blood flow is perfect and everything has healed with the tissue. Praise God!

Tomorrow is our free day. We will have to get a dressing change on Thursday and then I guess a lab on Friday.. But it's not like we have anything else going on. So until then I'm going to sit back and enjoy every moment with my baby!!


  1. If you could get access to a food processor u could make her,some "baby" food. Thats what I do with kinley when I can.im here if ya need ideas I know I dont count calories but I do watch sugars and sodium and such. Hard to get kinley to eat baby food after eating ours! Soo happy miss thing is doin so good!

  2. Baby steps are still steps. Remember what I said, "Don't count the milestones, count the inch stones. You/she will still get there in inchs, its just a different speed. she's doing wonderful and so are you.