Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Complete Randomness

I felt the need to blog this evening even though I have nothing of importance to say.. So here's some complete randomness..

Lynlee is on full feeds as of today. She didn't do to hot at breakfast or lunch but she a half of jar of baby spaghetti and two french fries.

We slept in today for the first time in days. I woke up at 8:45am and knew Lynlee needed her meds asap. She sleeps with her mouth open (just like Ryan) so I just sprinkled the prograf in and went and had my coffee. It doesn't get any better than that!!

Last night we talked on Skype with Ryan. We've tried facetime, tango, and now Skype. Skype has the best quailty by far!!

I've been making a check list out of construction paper every week for Lynlee's meds. I feel like I have to check each one off.

Lynlee has found a love for stickers in the past two days. She's never cared about them before but now they are sticking everywhere.

She's also starting to figure out how to change her voice. She will play with talking to on the iPad and change her voice and words to see if he will copy her. She cracks me up.

Today I was making the bed (after washing all the sheets) and at the last corner I realized they were on inside out. I left them that way. It seemed like way to much energy to change them when I could be spending my time on Pinterest!

I would almost give anything for a glass of wine these days!

I struggle! In the since that I can give my child TPN, meds etc, but I can't put a cardboard box together. I finally gave up and asked the office for duck tape. How sad! lol..

Would it be wrong to turn the AC on?? It's sooo hot in here. I opened the window today in hoping to cool it down? Running AC in February just doesn't seem right.

Speaking of  February, I managed to miss the whole month of January somehow. But that's okay, right? January is kinda blah anyways.

I can't blog without being interrupted 20 plus times because I'm not dancing with Lynlee.. And speaking of the dancing. She now has certain songs she wants to listen too, and I get to figure out by elimination which one it is!  HA

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