Thursday, February 2, 2012

We had a great day today! Aunt Erica and Tosh came to visit. Of course they brought gifts (Lynlee is beyond spoiled!) and yummy food for us too.

We also got the great news that we can stop the Lovenex (sp?) shots. I've been waiting for this day. Its the worst feeling to hold your child down and give them a shot. Lynlee knows it's coming. She starts crying way before it happens. And no matter how many hugs and kisses are given afterwards, its still rough.. On me too!!! To the moms that do it longer than 6 weeks or with their diabetic children my heart aches for you!

We did head upstairs for dinner tonight. We hadn't had a dinner since Sunday. Even though it was tacos (the 3rd time in two weeks) we were just happy to get out and socialize a little. I found myself having a bond with these moms. Not one story is the same, but we are here for the same reason. We all miss our families and our homes but its nice to just have someone to talk too..

Okay write more later. Lynlee is blaring the iPad and I dont' want to get kicked out for disturbing the neighbors!!

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