Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home and more!

Hello from the HOME!!!

We got released from Pittsburgh this past Monday but tonight is our first night at home! I'm excited! Don't get me wrong it was nice to be back in town and Ryan's parents house is like a second home to us but it's just not home. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

Our house is still far from done and things are still far from normal. Lynlee has no bed. And when I say no bed I mean it's apart and against her old wall (our new office) and where the head of her bed was, well it's now our doorway into our new bedroom. Hopefully in a few more weeks our room will be done and her new room will be painted and bed up. That is if she ever sleeps in it again.

She has got really used to sleeping with me. She would scream every time a nurse came in unless I was with her. Then at the Ronald McDonald we only had one bed so we didn't have an option. I'm pretty sure she has became accustomed to this. Worse things happen right? I mean so what if she's 16 and still sleeping with us! HAHA.

Ryan and I spent the whole day painting yesterday. It's been a LONG time since we painted together. I was impressed with how fast it went and how well we got along.The last time I painted he came in and repainted what I painted.. Yea, that wasn't pretty!

Today I spent the whole morning cleaning house. We did have some drywall dust around and I wanted it to be spotless before we brought Lynlee home. This afternoon we went to get Piper! Do you remember him? Our dog! I think he thought we abandon him. I can't say that I would blame him. It's been over 7 weeks since we've seen him. He was SO excited to see us!! I'm glad to be home as a family with Piper by our side.

We did have Christmas with my mom and grandma today. Christmas in February was kinda nice. I had forgot what I asked for! LOL.. Seriously all that mattered was spending the day with everyone. I really missed them!

And for the real reason everyone reads... Lynlee is doing great. She's babbling so much. Eating some. Not as much as I would like but we've came a long way in just a few weeks. Things are pretty normal here. We have a pediatrician appointment tomorrow and blood work Tuesday. It will be nice to get bloodwork at a hospital less than 5 minutes from our house rather than drive 45 minutes to one! These are the things that make me smile!

And another thing that makes me smile is 2 piece pajamas. Lynlee never really could wear them because of her night feeds and I was afraid of her pulling her tube out or something else happening so we always wore the 1 piece and cut a hole in them. But since her night feed has stopped I'm not sure if she will ever wear a 1 piece again.

Well that's all for now. I'm going to go enjoy a glass of wine and some cuddle time with my husband!

Also asking for prayers for my dad. He is going into surgery tomorrow to have a kidney removed! All the thoughts, prayers, and support are greatly appreciated!

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