Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home at last!

I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged. Only 4 days, but a lot has changed since my sobbing post on Friday!

Ryans mom came to visit Saturday! We were sooooo excited to see her and have some company.

Sunday was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh. We ventured out to do a little shopping. I was trying to get some things bought so that Dottie and Ryan could pick out paint for our bedroom. We also hung out upstairs most of the evening. Played with the kids and watched some of the SuperBowl.

Lynlee started calling Dottie "Va,va". We were upstairs talking to the Brazilian family and we learned the Brazilian way for grandmother is Vava.  Lynlee hasn't got "mamaw' but she can definetly say Vava.

On Monday we went to clinic. We actually had labs first. I was so nervous about it. I hadn't worried about getting blood for 2 years and was so scared about what it would be like not having a port/Picc. But they got her first stick. How relieved. Then we headed to clinic... I had prepared to give them a speech saying that if the potassium was low we would drive up for weekly clinic if they would just let us go home. I was prepared for what they said. They said we could go home (if the labs we got drew that day was okay)and get labs here weekly and then be back in Pittsburgh on March 5th. 

I almost cried when they said the word home. It's been 6 weeks....

Her labs were great yesterday. Her potassium was back to normal. Her liver numbers were perfect. We were packed and ready to head home by 2:30. We pulled into our house before 5:30..

So we are home. Well kinda. As you've heard me say before we are doing some construction (adding a master bed and bath) and they are mudding/sanding this week. So we've been staying with Ryan's parents until the sanding is done. I don't want Lynlee around all that dust, and being woke up at 7am every morning to men in our house that she doesn't know. Plus, I don't want to be up that early either.

We did go over all afternoon. Got a lot of things straightened up. We should be home by the weekend. Either way we ARE home. Ryan, Lynlee and I are together again. Our family is complete. I count my blessings every night.

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