Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marking Blogging off my to do list!

I've had blogging on my "To Do" List for days.. And for some reason I keep putting it off until the next day. So I thought if I blogged bright and early this morning then I finally mark it off. Besides, we are getting ready to begin a crazy weekend so I know my blogging time is limited but more on that in a moment.

First things first.. Why most of you read..... We went for Lynlee's bloodwork on Monday. All labs looked great. Everything was back in normal range. We head to Pittsburgh tomorrow evening for an early clinic visit on Monday morning. I'm kinda hoping we can go to every two weeks with labs, but I know that's probably wishful thinking..

Things around this house are crazy.. But a good crazy, I guess.. We are making progress. Since last Sunday we've moved into our new bedroom and closet.. Hopefully the bathroom will be working by the end of this coming week.. We've also got our old bedroom painted and Lynlee moved it. It's all starting to come together. I can say we've worked our butts off. For the past few nights we've worked until bedtime and woke up and done it all over again. And Painting with a two year old... Wow.. I'm surprised I got int finished in two days..  (Pictures of the room to come when it's finished with pictures hanging)

Dad and his little helper!

Our vanity came in this huge box so Ryan made a door and some windows for Lynlee. I can't tell you how many HOURS of entertainment this box has been for her. We move it from room to room (into the room we are working in) and she loves it.. I'll actually be sad to see it go..

I feel like I have so much to say and to update but nothing important comes to mind. We are excited for a weekend with family and tomorrow is my sisters baby shower then we leave for Pittsburgh.. So I guess I'd better go get some toys put away, a shower, and get ready for the day...

I'll try to update soon!!

Have a great weekend!

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