Saturday, April 28, 2012

Busy Bees

Lynlee and I have been busy bees the past couple days. Not really hard labor or anything but we manage to stay busy and have lots of fun while doing it. Yesterday we headed to Aunt Erica's house to make some suckers for Tosh's bridal shower on Saturday. Lynlee feel in love with Tosh's head band but loved getting her way more. She seriously spent all 3 hours bossing them around and dancing sitting on the counter eating chocoloate, dancing, and more dancing.

Then today we made goodies for the cakewalk tomorrow night. Tomorrow will be a fun day. Bridal Shower and cake walk! Yes I'm excited. HAHA. I seriously think Lynlee will have a blast at the cake walk. They are defintely an old school favorite of mine.

Lynlee helped with all the sprinkles today. At the end I finally told her she could eat them and it was all over with! HA!

The end result... Plus doing laundry, cleaning the floors, and running errands. I'll take that as a pretty good day!

Have a great weekend!!

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