Friday, April 13, 2012

A day to remember!! (MORE COWS)

The past two days have been good great  Awesome.... Yesterday we had speech therapy and I left there feeling good. Really good. I learned more in the one hour I was in there with her than I have learned in a long time. She watched Lynlee eat and made a plan! I'm ready to go back and do whatever possible to get Lynlee talking and eating more...  But I'll write more on that after our next session when I have more to talk about and a better understanding on everything...

Pittsburgh called yesterday afternoon.. Lynlee's labs looked great and we go back for labs in one month.. Yes that's one month...

And today.. Well Aunt Heather took us to see some cows up close and personal. I hadn't prepared myself to be sooo close to the cows but Lynlee did amazing. We are so thankful for Aunt Heather and her our new family now. They really went above and beyond for Lynlee today and I can't tell you how much we appreciated it. It made her day.. And I know where Heather got her heart from :)

She HAD to take all of these to see the cows!!!

 Lynlee and Aunt Heather :)

 Petting the cow

 Up close and personal :)

 They even played on a tractor

 Made time to pick some flowers

Her new Best Friend. Lynlee loved Wesley!

 This was definitely a day to remember.. 

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