Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WW: TUTU Cute :)

I know it's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday.. Wordless being the main word but you guys know by now I have issues keeping my mouth shut. In more ways than one :)

Since the addition and Lynlees rooms are done it was time to move the office. We made Lynlee's old room the office. I was shocked when Ryan woke up Saturday and said... Time to take up the carpet and put down the new floor. I was excited inside but also I knew I had a lot of painting moving to do.. But it's done. Well we need to hang some pictures and make it look more homey but there is computer desk and a computer in a new painted office with a new floor. I'm excited..

Other than all the working that's been going on here I have nothing... Working and eating.. That's all we have time to do.. Lynlee's eating has really taken off.. I love it.. Per our therapist we are still on pureed foods until we can get to therapy this week and work on the proper way for Lynlee to use a spoon. She doesn't shut her lips just takes food off with her teeth..

But here are some before and afters of a couple of dinners this week..

I swear she eats more than me..

I loved this picture and just had to share..

And this was supposed to be my wordless Wednesday.. It was finally warm enough last night to wear her Easter Jammies that Donna and Miranda got her. She wont sleep under a blanket at all so I really do have to wait until the house is warm.. TUTU cute :)

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