Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday! It's nice and warm out, the sun is shining, but I'm tired. I feel like I could sleep forever. Thursday Lynlee woke up with a fever of 102.6 so we headed to the pediatrician first thing. Everything looked great there so we went for labs. Her liver labs were elevated. Very elevated. We go back for a recheck on Monday. We are hoping the fever caused the high labs and they are trending back down by then..

Her fever broke last night before bed and hasn't returned. She is back to herself today and seems to be feeling fine. I wish I had her energy after two nights of no sleeping. She actually slept last night while I was up checking her temp, etc..

Both pictures taken today.

Yesterday we also said goodbye to Lynlee's IV pole. I called them to come get it. We haven't used it since December. They asked me if I wanted them to pick up her feeding pump too. I decided to keep it. I know we haven't used it since February but I just can't let it go yet. Maybe when the gtube comes out. Yes I said when. I am very hopeful that will happen... one day!

Have a great weekend.. We are planning on doing more painting...

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