Friday, May 25, 2012

Update and Zoo pics

Today was super hot! I'm not complaining I love the heat! But it was the first time we turned the AC on and ran some fans. Lynlee loved playing in the air..

Its been a rough week to say the least.. Monday night when I blogged Lynlee was feeling better. Tuesday morning around 3am she spiked another fever and kept it on and off for the next 12-18 hours. I was actually starting to worry that it might be rejection this time. But around 10p she started feeling better and was eating spaghetti o's at 11pm that night!  When she woke up Wednesday she was much better but we had to leave to go back to Pittsburgh. Ryan had to work so my grandma and Kara went with me. I have to say I'm so lucky to always have people there willing to go with us!

The trip was so much better this time. We had blood work on Thursday morning and even made a quick trip to the zoo. The zoo was quickly filling up with school kids but we did get to see everything. The elephants and the aquarium were a close tie for the favorite.

Labs looked so much better. Not 100% and not what they were last week but better. We go for labs again next Thursday and I'm hoping/praying they are back to normal.

Well this is a short blog tonight. We have a very busy day coming up tomorrow. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I know we will!!

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