Monday, May 7, 2012

Whos Who... Picure style :)

Every now and then I mention certain people in my blog and will get the response. I didn't know you had a brother.. Or that's your sister really??? Or how is this person Lynlee's Aunt? So here's the family break down.....

I'm "techinally' an only child...... That's the funny part. But in my book I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Let me explain...

I'll go in a timeline order to not confuse you ;)

My dad was married before he married my mom and had Kristie. So I have a half sister Kristie who has a husband Jason and two kids Lexi and Brody.

Then of course my mom and dad got married and had me.

Dad got married to Sheryl. Sheryl has two sons Keith and Ross who are my step brothers. Keith is married to Heather. And Ross married to Kristy.

(Dad, Sheryl, Heather, Keith & Ross)

Mom got married to Randy and have two kids: Tyler and Kara. Who are my half brother & sister.

(This picture is SO old but I don't have time to look for individual ones)

Got all that??

If your keeping up that's awesome but I'll throw some more confusion at you.

We have my grandma.. (Seen in the photo at Tylers Graduation)

Ryan's Parents: Dottie & Dale

Ryan has one brother Kevin and his girlfriend Janna..

Plus there is "Aunt" Erica to Lynlee who is no relation at all but has been my only best friend forever and her boyfriend "Uncle" Adam.

So if you add all this up you have.. A whole lotta people that love one special little girl.

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  1. too cute! Of course I already knew Who was Who...ha ha - and she has a whole lot more not pictured that love her as well.