Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Tuesday...

Yes, it's Tuesday before 8am and I'm blogging.. I guess your body can only take so much sleep. Warning I've been awake since 5:30. I've already had cups (yes that was plural) of coffee, I'm ready for the day and the rest of the house is asleep... You can stop reading now if you want :)

I'm officially a true believer of Zicam. With the help of Vitamin C. Within 24 hours I was feeling soo much better.. What would have turned into a full blown cold has went away.. I'm beyond impressed.. And no they didn't pay me to advertise for them, but I'll accept donations if they want... Ha!

It's no secret we've been wanting Lynlee to drink from a straw for months.. When she finally blew her whistle it was huge but we just couldn't get her to suck..... It's been months and months.. Even at a birthday party on Sunday (yes two days ago) they handed her a Capri sun and she couldn't drink it. Yesterday we she picked up my jug of water (It's a huge 56oz water bottle) she drank it. I was in shock. Literally brought tears to my eyes and then I was like NO, I'm sick.. Nothing like letting your immune suppressed child drink after someone sick let alone me!! I went and got her a sippy with a straw and she wouldnt' do it? I thought it was one of the those things were she wouldn't ever do it again.. But she did later when Ryan got home.. And then we went out to dinner and she drank like she'd been doing it all her life. She didn't hesitate, didn't have to think about it.. A huge milestone for us.

I'm so thankful we never take anything for granted. Everything is a huge deal for us.. And I know this is just one step closer to getting her tube out and moving on with life...

Happy Tuesday to everyone! I'm off to work (in like an hour) and I will have a huge smile on my face all day long!

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