Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Ear infection and cooking decorating

We've been 3 years and 2 months without an ear infection. Today was our first one and I have to say I really feel for those parents/kids that have so many. Lynlee went to bed last night just fine but was up so many times before midnight. By 2am she was up screaming there was no consulting her. We were up til 5:30 or 6 before she got back to sleep. I took her to the doctor early this morning not because I thought she had an ear infection I just wanted her throat checked etc. I'm so glad we took her in. So we came home with some meds and some awesome ear numbing drops that seemed to work instantly..

She was super tired this afternoon. I walked into the living room to check on her and this is what I found... My goodness there isn't anything cuter....

And tonight we decided to decorate the cookies we baked today.. It was the first Christmas that she was really into it. She loved it!!

We are hoping for a quiet night here with lots and lots of sleep... Tomorrow is Lynlee's school dinner and play tomorrow night..

I'll post more on that afterwards :)

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