Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Boxing Today!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Lynlee started school. Probably because I'm hiding from this post. I know everyone wants to know how she is doing and what's going on with us. Well here goes.

Today is the 6th day she has went to school. I don't know how today is going but this is what I know from the past 5 days. She has been in time out 3 times and pulled her feeding tube out once. The first two days of school she had time out for hair pulling. So last Thursday I resulted in what is my last resort. Bribery. I told her is she wasn't in time out she could go pick out something as a prize. It worked! We might have came home with a 15.00 ATM machine that no one in this house can figure out how to play with it, but she didn't pull hair. On Tuesday we used the prize incentive again. It did work but we made it to the dollar tree that time. Momma can't spend 15.00 a day on toys! So I was like oh we can handle this a dollar tree trip for a few days and she will get the point of being good etc.. Well yesterday it didn't work. She was in timeout for boxing! Really?! So my last words were no boxing today Lynlee as I dropped her off this morning. Oh I just hope it's a better day..

She really scared the school when she pulled out her tube. I've yet to figure out why she pulled it out. She was there all last year and it never came out. Thankfully it was at the very end of the day. Ryan's dad was already there to pick her up so he brought her home and met Ryan here it was put back in and all is good. In the mean time I've over 30 minutes away freaking out. I do have to work on my outburst when they call. I'm sure it's not appropriate to say Oh shit to the church... Next time I'll try to do better.

I think that is all for now. Lynlee is back to monthly labs at this point. We go back on the 30th for repeats.

I'll leave you with a smile. Last Friday night we babysit Brody. Here is a picture of them two playing in the sand box.

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