Saturday, January 25, 2014

January has flew by.......

I'm having a hard time believing it's already the end of January. It could be because the weather has been terrible and all my days run together but I will not spend the whole blog complaining about the weather. We have done a lot of laying around and being lazy though.

We have had a great month. Lynlee got a new floor in her room..

Last weekend we took Lynlee to the movies to see Frozen ( I highly recommend going to see it if you haven't.) It was her first time going. It took her a few minutes to get comfortable there but after about 20 minutes she was eating popcorn and watching it on Ryan's lap. When the movie was over she literally was sobbing and saying MORE!

This week was her second week at day care she loves it. She seems to be adjusting great (I am too in case you remember the last time I blogged) she is even napping there for hours at a time. She hasn't napped for 2 years so this is huge. I'm so glad that she can just lay down there and nap but we do miss the 8pm bedtime.

Last night Lynlee went bowling for the first time. I think she is a natural ;)
It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I see lots of playing in the snow in our future. Stay warm! 

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